Application-oriented chemical research on both sides of the Atlantic delivers key innovations for product developments in all major industries. Small and large chemical companies often provide much sought after solutions to bottleneck problems across sectors, whilst remaining unknown to the public at large. Together with partner clusters, universities, start-up centres and industrial partners from Germany, France and the US, Chemie-Cluster Bayern started a ’Transatlantische Technologietransfer-Initiative (TTTI) in 2012. The transatlantic innovation network was created for participants from all three countries. Industrial partners from various sectors give us their developmental  ‘Challenge Statements’. Companies able to meet such challenges or who have devised a completely new solution are then invited to participate in a transatlantic innovation roadshow and to present their innovations to industrial companies as part of In-house Workshops. They then discuss their solutions with the chief developers of potential industrial customers and thus create a valuable transatlantic network.